Clients & Case Studies 2

​Clients & Case Studies

T​he Challenge

Several members of University of Otago’s staff were travelling in north eastern USA in 2014, when a massive snow storm began wreaking havoc, causing freezing temperatures, major disruptions, injuries and death.


T​he Solution

Duty of care is a high priority for Orbit – and its market-leading processes are designed for responding to major events like this one. Upon receiving word of the storm, Orbit immediately ran a Client Location Report to identify any staff members who were in the seriously affected storm areas. Orbit’s Afterhours team also jumped into action, attempting to contact all affected travellers to keep them updated on the situation, disruptions and airport closures, as well as to ensure their safety by offering to rebook flights, accommodation and anything else they needed.

T​he Results

Orbit’s up-to-the-minute information on disasters was instrumental in ensuring the safety of everyone concerned. Orbit successfully located all staff members who were either travelling to, or already in, the storm affected areas, and kept in touch throughout the storm, providing updates, minimising disruption, and amending itineraries as needed. At the same time, Orbit liaised with University of Otago, keeping senior staff informed about the situation and of any changes to its travellers’ itineraries.

Stephen Hall

Procurement Manager, University of Otago

“The safety of our staff is paramount, and Orbit wasted no time in locating, contacting and helping ensure the safety of our staff. It gave us huge peace of mind.”

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