Clients & Case Studies 2

​Clients & Case Studies

T​he Challenge

Health 2000 had received no prior conference support from their incumbent travel provider. During the implementation of the Health 2000 account, Orbit met with their Office Manager to discuss their conference requirements and how Orbit could help increase efficiency and provide support in the organising of this event.

Health 2000 conference

Health 2000 Conference 2

T​he Solution

Orbit’s innovative approach ensures successful conferences. Orbit spoke with Health 2000 to understand their objectives and requirements, and set about arranging key aspects:
1. Site inspections – Orbit engaged their local tourism contacts, and created an action packed few days for the Office Manager and their key sponsor in the Sunshine and Gold Coast to review various potential conference venues and activities.
2. Buying Power – As New Zealand’s largest Travel Management Company, Orbit negotiated sharp conference rates for the venue and various activities. Through our strong relationships with suppliers in the market, Orbit ​worked closely with the venue to understand its layout and what assistance would be needed in regards to the agenda.  
3. Orbit staff – Orbit arranged 4 of its staff as a “travel team” to attend the conference. Meeting and travelling with each of the major groups ensured a smooth arrival and departure for the delegates at all points.   
4. Orbit Conference technology tools –Health 2000 utilised the benefits of Orbit’s EventsAir tool. Orbit created professional tailored registration sites specific to each business area of Health 2000, which provided the client with a consolidated view of all attendees. The conference app also enabled efficient and effective communication with all attendees before and during the conference.   
5. Clear communication plan – Plans were created at outset covering “customer, delegates and suppliers” with task timelines and responsibilities. This was reviewed and updated at each monthly or weekly meeting, charting progress to ensure that nothing was missed. During the event, morning debrief sessions with suppliers and with the conference team also ensured that key responsibilities were highlighted and actioned. A WhatsApp group was also created for the organising team ​ensured everyone was kept across any questions and answers. 
6. Delegation packs pre and post travel  - Orbit created a pre-departure email through EventsAir specific to each travelling group that contained the contact details and photo of the Orbit staff member that would be their point of contact. In addition to this email, attendees received their conference pack one month before the event, ​and a welcome gift on arrival, highlighting that Orbit were there to help.
7. End to end solutions – Orbit booked and arranged all aspects of the conference (not just the travel), including: entryways, themed nights​, an animal encounter and assisting with freight requirements.

T​he Results

100% of those invited from Health 2000 support office, members (store owners), retail office, and suppliers, elected to book through Orbit, even though th​is was optional. The feedback was that the ease of registration, organisation, communication and professional touch to this conference made Orbit the obvious choice. The CEO made special mention of Orbit’s efforts not just in the organisation of the event, but having taken it to another level - being dedicated and committed to being there from sunrise to midnight every day of their conference. 

Matt Covacich 

Sales Manager, Pharmacare
(Health 2000 Supplier)

“Given that Health 2000 is putting on a fabulous conference next month I figured you’d like some feedback about one of your providers… This morning I received a personalised pack from Orbit Travel containing a very comprehensive travel document etc. Wow they are onto-it!! Suffice to say I am beyond impressed with them!"


​Office Manager, Health 2000

"I cannot thank you guys enough for all of your help with this year’s conference!! Not only did you guys help the conference run super smoothly, you kept me entertained the whole time!! I’m really excited to work together on the 2018 conference 😊​ "

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