Clients & Case Studies 2

​Clients & Case Studies

Bay of Plenty Regional Council wanted to review and improve their
booking process. The manual travel request form process provided
zero cost visibility to management when travel was booked online
by the travel bookers.

The Challenge

 Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) met with Orbit Tauranga (Orbit) where it was identified that they were seeking solutions for the following:

  1. Greater visibility for management of travel spend prior to booking. Management gained visibility of the travel costs when their account was reconciled at the end of the month. This tended to be after travel had been completed
  2. Cost Savings. BOPRC sought to achieve cost savings through better online buying behaviour.
  3. Financial invoicing efficiencies. The month end process was highlighted as a time consuming task for the travel bookers and finance team, due to having to collate and reconcile the required paperwork - booking form, electronic ticket copy and any written correspondence attached to each statement


T​he Solution 

Orbit worked to implement the following initiatives in conjunction with Bay of Plenty Regional Council: 

  1. Conditional pre-trip approval. 
    The approval function was enabled to allow bookings to be sent for approval prior to confirmation and ticketing. 
    - The key benefit to the customer is that the delegated approver has full visibility of the costs associated with the trip
    - This provides the cost centre managers greater visibility and management of their travel budgets
    - The approver is presented with the ticket price, only if the cheapest fare has not been selected in a two hour period which alerts the approver to question the travel bookers buying behaviour. 
  2. Customisation of the online booking tool, travel policy and detailed monthly reporting. 
    - Only bookings that are outside of policy are sent for approval
    - All bookings within policy are confirmed and ticketed without going through the approval process
    - Delegated approver has full visibility of the associated trip costs prior to confirmation
    - Delegated approver has the ability to 
    'approve', 'request modification', or 'reject' the booking
    - "Lost opportunity" visibility was enabled online giving details of the selected fare shown in the email sent to the approver
    - Orbit provided detailed transactional date on a monthly basis to BOPRC demonstrating buying behaviour and savings through pre-trip approval​

T​he Results

Orbit intelligence surrounding the online booking tool enabled Orbit to tailor their solution suiting BOPRC requirements without inconveniencing their workload. With BOPRC being open to the advice from Orbit, they have been able to introduce and benefit from these initiatives:
  • Average one-way ticket price reduction from $205.69 to $193.54 totaling $2,000 savings for their first month of using pre-trip online approval
  • Greater visibility of buying habits through the pre-ticket approval process
  • Forecast annual total travel savings of 5% of total travel spend.


Maureen Rolleston

Personal Assistant to the Director, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

“One of the best decisions we made was to engage Orbit early in the project and talk through our problems, our current process, what we needed to fix, and our tolerances. It really made the project run smoothly.”

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