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​Clients & Case Studies

ISO and change management: Specialising in waterfront operations
and in particular cargo logistics throughout multiple ports across
New Zealand – travel is an important part of the ISO business. 

T​he Challenge

Historically, ISO booked their flights with Air New Zealand and their rentals cars, accommodation and taxis direct with respective providers. ISO then moved the booking of flights to a travel management company (TMC), continuing to book all other components themselves. As a result of this disjointed approach, ISO didn’t receive any meaningful account management, nor visibility over their company’s monthly travel expenditure volumes or approval process.

In 2015, they decided that the time was right to test the market and see what was possible from another TMC in order to address the areas of:

  1. Service – consultant/account management
  2. Booking process
  3. Accommodation and rental cars
  4. Reporting


T​he Solution

Orbit World Travel Tauranga were successful in demonstrating that they were best placed to service ISO as a client, and provide them with the type of support they needed. ISO was setup with two dedicated Orbit consultants to support with extended business hours of 7.30am-6.00pm, plus an after-hour’s service purely dedicated to ISO over the weekends to ensure that travel was handled in a prompt manner. 

Orbit’s state-of-the-art online booking tool centralises their travel components - flights, hotels, motels, rental cars, shuttles and taxis. Tailored online approval now provides ISO with greater control and visibility. Orbit Plus+, Orbit’s preferred supplier programme was also introduced to ISO. Managed by Orbit’s  product manager, ISO gained access to Orbit’s competitive accommodation and rental car rates. Benchmarking ISO preferred motels and hotel rates against Orbit preferred rates, Orbit’s commercial account manager worked to secure an approved ISO accommodation list.

For a tailored invoice, requirements were discussed at the outset and ISO have been impressed by the detailed monthly consolidated invoicing provided by Orbit. Valuable quarterly reviews between ISO and their account manager feature discussions on expenditure and potential cost saving opportunities.   

T​he Results

Orbit Online, with its integrated online approval  process with all travel components easily viewed and booked, has freed up travel arranger time and provided ISO with better cost controls. Orbit's auto-repricing tool brought an added feature to these online bookings. It checks ISO’s domestic bookings three times prior to ticketing. In the first year, 170 tickets saved an additional 10%.  

The ISO preferred accommodation list, and recommendation to move from single room to multi room accommodation provided ISO in their first year with approximately 3% in savings. Through ISO consolidating their travel expenditure to Orbit Tauranga, they now gain full access to detailed reporting, enabling them to analyse components such as: top travellers, average airfares, airfare types booked, accommodation choices, carbon emissions and of course total spend.

The valuable quarterly reviews also led to the development of a customised weekly report. This now assists ISO each Monday morning in their planning and cost trend analysis. The ISO accounts team have benefited from the relationship through Orbit managing the supplier payment terms, providing one fully reconciled consolidated invoice and customised csv files which is easily uploaded into ISO’s financial accounting system. This provides an approximate 1% in savings. The total estimated annual savings to ISO achieved in their first year was $100,000. 

David Dragovich

General Manager, ISO

“The service at Orbit is really starting to take flight and the Orbit travel review carries vital information for ISO decision making"

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