Clients & Case Studies 2

​Clients & Case Studies

T​he Challenge

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) wanted to reduce the time its finance team was spending on processing travel invoices. The process, which was taking approximately one week of the finance staff’s time every month, required Orbit to send individual invoices for each booking which occasionally required copy invoices to be re-sent before bookings could be approved internally.


T​he Solution

In understanding EQC’s internal pressures, Orbit promoted, and working in consultation with EQC’s finance team, designed a consolidated invoicing system. Customised to suit the EQC’s exact needs, the system was created in a short time-frame, documented for EQC’s internal sign-off, and delivered to EQC at minimal cost.

T​he Results

The benefits were immediate. By replacing individual invoices with one consolidated invoice, Orbit helped EQC to significantly reduce the time its finance team was spending on processing invoices. In fact, its finance team now spends around an hour a month on invoices, a saving of 40 hours a month. 

Since introducing the consolidated invoice, Orbit has continued to work closely with EQC, enhancing the system in response to EQC’s change in finance platform. “Orbit was our first supplier to successfully integrate a complex invoice directly to our finance system” says Joanne Baird, EQC’s National Facilities Manager.


Joanne Baird

National Facilities Manager, Earthquake Commission

“Orbit proactively promoted and developed an invoicing solution which provided immediate efficiency gains to our organisation. In implementing our consolidated invoice, we have saved 40 man hours per month.”

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